Whether you’re an actor, model, artist, entrepreneur, or business professional, quality photos are an invaluable component of your personal and professional brand. My experience in marketing and branding contributes to my  understanding of the importance of “look and feel” as well as the technical considerations of great images. My headshot sessions are designed to create new images that support your brand and your marketing endeavors as well as your digital identity on your website, Linkedin, and other social media platforms. Whether you’re reinventing yourself, re-branding, or refreshing your images, this is the place to start. 

Photos make an important statement. A professional headshot may be the defining moment that gives you a competitive advantage when a potential customer is reviewing your digital identity along side your competitors. A recent study shows that over 50% of B2B buyers browse LinkedIn profiles and take less than 1/10th of a second to draw conclusions of you based on your headshot. 

I currently call Phoenix, Arizona my home base. I travel a ton and shoot photos all over the world, but Phoenix is the foundation. The predominance of my focus and work is in the headshot world. However, my passion for travel, street photography, and adventure keeps me on the road photographing people and places all over the globe. All of my work supports my love of meeting new people and feeds my untamed wanderlust. I bring the trends, sights, ideas, and stories from my travels back to my studio. Your photos are going to be a combination of all you bring to the table and all I bring from my experience and passion. It's not just a photo. It's a defining moment in your business or life. It's important. The experience of it all is important. 


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